Knowing yourself is just the beginning

Be Curious

Whether developing an individual, a functional team or a Board of Directors, Inspiring Performance will always start from the inside out to identify ‘who you are and how others see you’.

Using a range of diagnostic tools and a modular-style approach, our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, as well as the team and the budget.

Delivered over a period of months, and in true Inspiring Performance style, learning is exciting, challenging and varied using case studies, actors, business related projects and inspirational team activities.

“The Inspiring Leadership programme has given me an insight into myself and the potential to enhance the performance of my team, thereby positively contributing to the overall performance of the business.”

“Over the 10 months of the programme I have become more aware of my style with colleagues and have learned how to adapt it, addressed my work life balance and learnt that different skills and attributes can still be an effective way to lead people; it’s been a real wake up call in respect of my own management style.”

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