Sailing Strategy Challenge

Inspiring Performance was asked to create a developmental reward open to newly promoted senior managers within the European and EMA regions of a global professional services business.

The Brief

The event needed to explore the delegates’ abilities to perform effectively in highly complex, changing environments. It also had to enable participants to:

  • develop specific leadership competencies
  • increase their self-awareness
  • network with other new senior managers
  • celebrate their promotion

The client set the following objectives for the learning event:

  • guide and empower teams to solve problems and make decisions in complex and uncertain situations
  • introduce participants to current leadership concepts
  • require participants to:
  1. identify their attitudes to change – through new experience, and by letting go of established ways of working
  2. consider and evaluate the similarities between challenges met on the event and those faced in their new roles

The Solution

Inspiring Performance created a 2 day, developmental programme based around the Team Synergy Wheel™ model. Content was delivered in a classroom setting, and put into practice aboard racing yachts.

Sailing strategy challenge

The programme was scheduled in such a way that it could be delivered 4 times in one week, minimising costs while increasing networking opportunities.

Each rotation of the programme offered sufficient time on the yachts to ensure participants experienced being part of a team in a highly complex environment, while also delivering classroom learning sessions that were relevant, exciting and memorable.

The newly promoted senior managers were afforded networking opportunities in both structured and social settings, as well as an opportunity to celebrate their recent promotion. 

The Outcome

The Senior Manager Milestone Event ran for 5 consecutive years, for both the European and EMA regions, with the total number of delegates exceeding 1200.

Evaluation of the programme showed that 92% of those who took part would recommend the course to a colleague.

 The Comments

Senior Managers who took part in the programme gave the following feedback:

“How would I summarise this event: simply tremendous”

All senior managers should go through this program.  Money cannot buy what we all have gained over the past 48 hours!”

“Fantastic! Met all the aims, learning leadership, challenging, skills, networking and celebration – we do not do this on any other course so effectively. Well done!”                                                                                                                          

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