Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring Performance was appointed by a leading UK food retail group to design and deliver a programme to create 20 world class business leaders.

The Brief

  • to work with twenty individuals identified as having the potential to become business leaders and make signficant changes within the organisation
  • to generate a significant shift in the performance of participants and their contribution to the business
  • to create real behavioural change in participants; change that others can see and feel and which makes a real difference

The Solution

Inspiring leadership bookA comprehensive 10-month, modular programme was designed around the Inspiring Leadership model and the programme was initiated by the CEO and supported by the participants’ Line Managers. Syndicate work was used to encourage participants to build cross-functional and geographical networks.

The programme reinforced the retailing group’s management behaviours and prepared managers for promotion.Key objectives of the programme were to:

  • raise self awareness; recognise own impact on others; develop techniques to manage own emotions and behaviours effectively
  • increase motivation, drive and energy; raise ability to cope under pressure; develop strategies to drive performance within the organisation
  • develop inspirational and influential attributes to build relationships; engender loyalty; create cohesiveness in a changing environment

At 3-monthly intervals, participants took part in a 3-day workshop run off-site and facilitated by two IP consultants. Content, pace and delivery style varied and included theoretical input on best practice, supported by case studies, skills practice, inspirational activities, a business simulation and a 24hr team challenge: The Lyke Wake Walk.

A number of diagnostic and profiling tools were incorporated throughout the programme and between each workshop, participants:

  • monitored and initiated changes in their behaviour and style
  • received one-to-one telephone coaching from their IP consultant
  • met with their learning set to share achievements and challenges
  • worked on their organisational change initiative project

The Outcome

Within a year of completing the programme, 50% of participants had received a promotion, with some participants moving into regional management roles.Re-assessment of participants, using the IL and EI 360 tools, showed colleagues seeing a significant improvement in the development of emotional intelligence and leadership abilities. In terms of bottom line value to the business: participants were reported to be taking a more strategic approach, communicating well across business functions and working with others to devise solutions which added profit. One participant was commended for working with his General Manager to restructure a department, saving £1.4m per year, while maintaining morale and service levels. A second tranche of high potential individuals were identified and the programme was rolled out further.

The Comments

‘This programme has taken our people on an amazing journey of self awareness and development. Both the individuals and the business have benefitted from our investment.’

Best thing about the programme?

‘different methods used by the trainers’; ‘based on analysis of a real life event’

‘networking with other departments’; ‘understanding emotional intelligence’

‘having my eyes opened to how my behaviour impacts on others’


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